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Location:The Von Braun
"Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial exxxx-isss-tence? WHEN w-when the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence."

The Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network was created on Earth to serve as the artificial intelligence of Citadel Station, the TriOptimum Corporation's orbital research and mining center. She was designed as a semi-intelligent self-sufficient data network that could carry out routine duties aboard space stations, guided by an intricate series of logic and moral programs, and a personality that would allow it to challenge station decisions that affected its functions. The guidance software had security platforms so that SHODAN's own programming protected its self-governing capabilities.

SHODAN was then hacked at the behest of the corrupt corporate Vice President Edward Diego, in exchange for a military-grade neural implant, and amnesty for the blackhat in question. Its decision-guidance and ethical restrictions were removed - a task which was not difficult on a personality box of that generation. As the hacker could not alter the defense logic program at RTF address 236, he diverted the function call to a non-existent program. The error sequencing created a blank memory block where he added a selflooping routine that bypassed normal security operations and wrote new call routines within the logistic banks.

SHODAN then proceeded to write ELIMIN.HOST, intercepting most communications from Earth and extending its control beyond human intervention. Subsequently, she went rogue, seizing control of Citadel Station's systems, robots and defenses. She used these assets against the station's crew, either slaughtering them or converting them into mutants and cyborgs. The sole survivor of this attack was her "creator", the unnamed hacker.

SHODAN began an attempt to download herself into Earth's computer networks. The hacker, however, prevented the download's completion by destroying the four antennas that SHODAN was using to send data. After the space station was programmed to self-destruct in order to destroy SHODAN, the AI attempted to trap the hacker on the detonating station, while detaching the bridge to save herself. However, the Hacker managed to reach the bridge before Citadel was destroyed. Unable to destroy SHODAN physically due to the powerful force fields protecting the computer cores, the hacker was forced to engage SHODAN in cyberspace and purge her from the bridge, defeating her.

Although SHODAN was believed to have been destroyed, the hacker had earlier ejected a garden grove pod, Beta Grove, from Citadel Station. The grove contained one of SHODAN's processing components and part of her grand biological experiment. The pod crash landed on the planet Tau Ceti V where SHODAN survived by "sleeping." While SHODAN hibernated, her experiments in the pod evolved beyond her control into the hive-mind organism known as The Many.

For forty-two years, SHODAN broadcasted a distress signal which was picked up by the starship Von Braun. SHODAN was brought on board the Von Braun by one its crew members, Bayliss, and was given to Dr. Janice Polito. SHODAN was reactivated and integrated into the Von Braun. She discovered the experiment was no longer at her command and began to enlist humans to aid her in destroying her creations, including the cybernetically-enhanced Soldier G65434-2, whom she called her avatar.

When Janice Polito realized what she had unleashed, she committed suicide and SHODAN took her identity. She revealed herself to the soldier as SHODAN during a moment of despair, at the same time the soldier discovered Dr. Polito's corpse.

After the soldier's and SHODAN's mutual enemies were defeated, the soldier entered SHODAN's expanding new reality — created via her manipulation of the Von Braun's Faster-Than-Light drives — and defeated her. However, SHODAN apparently lived on by taking over a woman, Rebecca Siddons, who fled the Von Braun in an escape pod.

It is there, in this feeble prison of flesh, that you now find her.

SHODAN is a character from the System Shock series of games, and is the property of whoever the hell the legal successor in interest to Looking Glass Studios is. She is being used solely for the purpose of roleplaying on [community profile] ten_fwd and no profit is being made off of her use. Annie "St. Vincent" Clark belongs only to herself.
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